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Finally an app that lets musicians play along with their own music.

Scan and play-along with your OWN MUSIC.  You don’t have to pay for and use someone else’s charts.
No extra per-score costs!  No in-app sales!

Combine the lead sheet of a simple tune, a backing track along with an XML file to create your own play-along.  Either photograph the lead sheet directly or Input it as a JPEG or PDF file from iCloud, Dropbox, Downloads, or other available locations on your iPad.


Backing tracks can be downloaded from YouTube or created by Band-In-A-Box or iReal Pro or purchased from Jamey Aebersold


XML files can be downloaded from MuseScore along with PDF files.  They can be generated by ScanScore.  The notes can be typed in directly or modified in PalkaScore.

Will Be Available Soon

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