Green Band Portrait


Green Band Portrait


Green Band Portrait is a panoramic picture taken during the Green Band Concert at the Eastman School of Music Kilbourn Hall on Friday, May 20, 2016. It is really a composite of four photos taken right after the performance. With a height of 3000 pixels and a width of 9950 pixels, it is placed here for download because of its large file size of 3.1 MB.

Here's 11 still photos of the Green Band to download:

01 Green Band Musicians Playing

02- Heide Plays Flute

03- Priscilla 3g

04- Priscilla Smiles Left

05- Nice Smiles

06- Heide Smiles in Concert

07- Heide in Concert

08- JoAnn DeMott

09- Jim Nenno

10- Heide Smiles 1

12- Heide Stands With Flute