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Palka Card Trick


Palka Card Magic Trick is a simple magic trick that will surprise the viewer when he sees his chosen card appear magically on your iPhone or iPad. No physical cards are necessary. The viewer just names one of 52 cards in a deck and you reveal the card of his choice on your iOS device.

The user has two techniques he can use to accomplish this trick. Although he will guess that voice recognition is being used, it is not. Alternating between the two techniques can keep any viewer guessing.

The techniques are easy to learn. They employ a simple version of “Chased” and similar “Si Stebbins” ordering, which are common to magicians. Pressing a button on the app reveals the instructions in detail with illustrations and text. The app also has graphic overlays to assist in learning the techniques. A complete reveal of the chosen card is easy to do quickly.

This app has no advertisements and works on all iPhones from 4s on and on all iPads from iPad 2 on.

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