Pal Katoonz™

PalkArt™ Installation


PalkArt™ is a computer application designed for artists, photographers and animators to easily combine art and photography in ways that reflect styles from art history.  Currently it only works on Apple Macintosh computers with an operation system greater than 10.5.  Through the interplay of grids, freehand drawing, shapes and photographs, artists using PalkArt™ can easily create art pieces resembling the styles of Seurat, Picasso, and Warhol— pointillism, cubism and pop art— or collages like Romare Bearden created.  For the hobbyist who just wants a collage of his/her set of pictures, PalkArt™ can also be used to simply create a digital collage of different photographs in the same picture and print it at whatever size they want.



1. On the trial version page, click on PalkArt 1.xx for Mac OS X.

2. When the dialog box appears, click "Save File".

3. Find the file in the Downloads folder and double click on it. The file PalkArt1.xx.dmg will appear.

4. Double-click on PalkArt1.xx.dmg to make the PalkArt1.xx disk image appear.

5. Double-click on the PalkArt1.xx disk image.

6. Drag the PalkArt1.xx folder from the PalkArt1.xx disk image and drop it into your Applications folder.

Note: The PalkArt™ application will not run if taken out of the PalkArt folder. It must be launched from within the folder.

7. In the Applications folder, double-click on the PalkArt1.xx folder to open it.

8. Double-click on the heart with the words "" next to it.

9. You may get a message " is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the trash." If you received this message, please do the following:

9a. Click "Cancel".

9b. Under the apple menu, select "System Preferences".

9c. In the dialog box that appears, select "Security & Privacy".

9d. Click the "General" tab on the left at the top of the "Security & Privacy" dialog box.

9e. Click the lock in the lower left corner and type in your password to allow changes.

9f. Click "Unlock".

9g. Where the dialog says "Allow apps downloaded from:", click "Anywhere".

9h. When the dialog appears "Choosing 'Anywhere' makes your Mac less secure", click "Allow from Anywhere".

9i. Again, Double-click on the heart with the words "" next to it.

9j. See below for why this happened.


10. The dialog box will appear that says "PalkArt is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?". Click "Open".

11. You should get a dialog box with the Pal Katoonz Software License Agreement. Read through it and click "Accept License".

12. In a second or two, the Splash Screen should appear with the title "Trial Version". If you purchased a license, click on "Install My License" otherwise click "Use Trial Version".

13. PalkArt should now appear ready for use. Enjoy!


Explanation of " is damaged and can't be opened" message: PalkArt was written by a developer who is not certified by Apple and is not part of the Mac Developer Program. It was also written in the Java programming language, which Apple considers a "deprecated technology". So, to run this program on your computer, you must temporarily go around their "gatekeeper", and you also must load a version of Java 6 on your computer (if it's not there already-- check in terminal by typing "java -version". It should say "version 1.6 ...").

Apple provides a download of Java 6 at Although Apple bans Java 7, which was written by Oracle, it provides support and upgrades to its version 6 of Java-- the one I use. There should be no problem running PalkArt with Java 6.

I am currently pursuing a resolution of this issue with Apple. The resolution will not entail any change to PalkArt™ itself, but in how Apple views me and PalkArt™.