PalkArt™ by Pal Katoonz




Download a free 15-day trial version of PalkArt™ Here: 

PalkArt 1.03 for Mac OS X

This trial version permits full functionality except for (1) saving of SVG files, (2) exporting of Ping or JPeg files, (3) exporting of 3D "obj" files, and (4) viewing of "Big Screen". Also, a watermark appears on the main canvas and Pointillist Pict™ is not available.


PalkArt™ works under all versions of the Mac OS X Operating Systems after 10.5  


To Install

Click HERE for Installation Instructions.


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PalkArt 1.03 for Mac


The serial number you receive will make your trial version permanent, give you full functionality and enable you to save your completed artwork.